It is more than ancient city, Patara

2020-02-16 17:56:54

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It is more than ancient city, Patara

Kalkan that is known   ‘Kalamaki’  formerly  has been  the center of attraction for visitors for decades from all around the World. In addition to the facilities it has in itself , kalkan is  attractive town in terms of its location and there is so many place to visit in its surroundings.

It is located in the territory between Antalya and Fethiye where many cities were established during the history and Lycian Civilization was born. In that sense, the land is rich in history besides its touristical attractions. It is a kind of open-air museum with its ancient theatres and ancient cities.

Patara where  located  15 km to Kalkan  is the biggest and most important among them . It is the one of the oldest city of the Lycia Civilization. Patara has an importance in terms of it is known nesting area for the caretta-carettas  where lays their eggs on beaches  for millions of years.

Patara which had a reputation  as an important prophency center of Apollo, was also aport where the grains transported from Anatolia to Rome are stored and kept. The city that contiuned its importance in the Byzantine period  was a importance center for Cristian people. The Saint Nicholas who is known as ‘Santa’ is from Patara. Also St. Paul board the ship from here to go to Rome.

The grave area  which exists the Lycian type sarcophagus lay at the slope of hill of the West of the Tak. The theater, which is leaning on Kurşunlu Hill at the southernmost end of the city, was built after the earthquake AD. It is understood from the inscriptions that it was rebuilt in İ.S. 147. Kursunlu Hill where theather leans  is the best corner to watch the beauty  of the city. It can be watched the other ruins from this part of the city  like Vespasian bathhouse, Korinth temple, main road, harbour and granary.